A weekend among old varieties of camellias, cedar, redwood trees and the magic of green to Villa Carlotta, just 30 minutes from La Locanda del Notaio. Villa Carlotta is renowned for its amazing spring blooming rhododendrons and azaleas in more than 150 varieties. The rock garden, the valley of ferns, rhododendron forest, the bamboo garden, the museum of agricultural tools and stunning views, explain the fame of this place, still today considered a colourful corner of paradise.

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Opera, drama, dance, musicals and concertial Teatro Sociale Como. The emotions of the live stage in a vast and nice program that offers many alternatives from which to choose to spend a pleasant evening in the historic theatre in the city centre. The hotel management will take care of your request and bookings for the show.

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Comacina Island and Villla del Balbianello, History, Cinema and Enogastronomy.

La Locanda del Notaio offers you a special deal to experience the majorattractions of Lake Como in total relaxation.

Those who decide to spend a few days at La Locanda del Notaio, must visit this villa, one of the most romantic places of this area. An historical house, frequented by intellectuals and members of Risorgimento age. It’s an attractive setting for many filmmakers for their movies such as Casino Royale, Star Wars, Jackpot, The Charterhouse of Parma and many others.
The villa leans on a lovely woody promontory and it’s surrounded by a beautiful garden, where green is reflected on  lake’s clear water. The internal rooms retain a large collection of African, Chinese and pre-Columbian artist’ works.
For more information: http://www.visitfai.it/dimore/villadelbalbianello/

The charme of this island starts from the journey to get there, plowing the lake’s water and through the so-called Zoca de l'oli. It is a beautiful island, considered for centuries one of the most important places in Comacina history. A political, religious, military centre that was destroyed in 1169 by Como residents and Feredico Barbarossa, and has been abandoned until 1900 when they built up three cottages for artists, with rationalist style, which made the island the hearth of art. From the island you can enjoy unique luxuriant and naturalistic landscapes.

Bellagio is considered “the Lake’s pearl". Alleys and stairways characterize the ancient town, full of shops, pubs and historical cafes. Villa Melzi is the ideal place for botany and 19th century houses’ lovers. Built in 1808 by Duke Francesco Melzi d'Eril, it has a unique architecture and a majestic garden, an explosion of all kinds of colors, plants and flowers. Azaleas and rhododendrons seem to dance with magnificent statues scattered throughout the park. In front of the kiosk there is a sculpture of Dante and Beatrice, a beautiful Giovanni Battista Comolli’s opera. A Japanese-style lake makes the place very impressive. The arrangement of vegetation increases the optical illusion in terms of backgrounds and distances.

There is nothing more charming than walking along the shores of Como lake in a warmy spring day or during summer. 3 km starting from Villa Olmo, a mansion built in the late eighteenth century and renovated a century later, maintaining the neo-classical structure. Named for a gigantic elm tree that has survived since Pliny the Younger’s age, it is the most famous and magnificent house in the area, that made Como one of the Enlightenment’s centre of Italy. The walk continues through gardens, houses and fascinating lake glimpses, until you get to the other side of the lake, where you will find Villa Geno, built in 1850. very romantic villa, which is the best way to end a wonderful itinerary, rich in culture and to enjoy your staying at la Locanda del Notaio.

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